Friday, November 20, 2015

Must-Have of the New Year: A Little Black Wallet

Black is a must-have for all occasions, but after people buy their black leggings, black sweaters and black everything, they sometimes forget about one of the most important things: their wallet.

Your wallet is something unlike the rest of your wardrobe. You carry it every day, no matter the season, and can keep it in your bag for months. Some people have been known to carry a wallet around for years despite the scuffs and stains. However small, a wallet is still part of your outfit and having a classy wallet can complete your look.

To help you look the best you can, we’ve chosen the Kate Spade Black Neda Alexander Avenue Wallet. This perfect little black wallet will last for the seasons and years to come and ensure you look like the timeless New York Woman.

The Kate Spade Black Neda is both a basic piece and a transition piece and is perfect when trying to change your wardrobe from day to night. This Black Neda features ostrich embossed patent leather, ensuring your wallet will last for years, and capital Kate Jacquard lining for an extra touch of class.

The Black Neda is perfect to carry around as a standalone and also perfect to just stick in your bag and use it when you need it. The ostrich embossed leather adds sleekness to any outfit. It’s ideal for edgy and classic looks alike. Pair it with some leggings or skinny jeans and flowy top for that effortlessly classy air. Or, pair it with a leather jacket and leather boots to be daringly edgy.

As far as functionality is concerned, the Black Neda is perfect for those who carry credit cards, membership cards and everything else in their wallets. It has 12 credit card slots, two billfolds and a zipper compartment for spare change. On the other hand, if you’re a neat person, the Black Neda will help you maintain order in your life.

Kate Spade has always been a brand for the modern woman. It debuted in 1995 with six silhouettes, all timeless and utilitarian. Today, Kate Spade is one of the most coveted brands around and includes handbags, wallets, jewelry and clothing.

It used to be said that people were in need of Chanel in their life. Nowadays, we think you need some Kate Spade. Start off with the Black Neda. It’ll live in your closet for years and serve as the perfect finishing touch for any outfit. Best of all, Shoppingberg offers a super low price (only $179) on this classic accessory, so you can nab it for next to nothing! Shop our entire selection of Kate Spade bags and wallets here.

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